NetSuite Web Site Set Up and Customization Services

Specializing in NetSuite web sites and NetSuite customization.

Creativity, programming experience, knowledge of NetSuite, and desire to provide the best service sets us apart. We've been creating web sites for over 18 years, ten of those using NetSuite exclusively, and have the experience you need to get your site done right.

NetSuite makes it easy to build a web site ...if you want "plain vanilla." In this world of the cookie-cutter Internet you can stand out with a NetSuite web site that is feature-rich, well-organized, uncluttered, easily navigated and SEO-friendly.

Creative. Our experience with NetSuite web sites is unsurpassed and our knowledge of web-standards is world-class. But it takes a great deal of creativity to utilize these standard set of tools to accomplish any goal in a cost-effective manner. Let us show you what we can do.

Unique. Every NetSuite web site we create is tailored to your needs and budget. We can add exclusive functionality to your NetSuite web site. For those who would rather maintain their site themselves we provide screenshot videos to walk you through how to make normal changes and updates to the HTML, CSS and JavaScript we create.

Effective. Customized to your specifications and business needs, your web site will be targeted to YOUR clients for YOUR business. Now that's effective.

We are NetSuite web site customization and set-up experts. All your work is done in our Bordeaux, France offices. (your work is never shipped off to someone else) This means the person you speak with on the phone is the person coding your NetSuite web site customizations. Call for an evaluation of your next or current NetSuite website project. Get your NetSuite web site started off right.

MWT Mobile Bundle for NetSuite - Your website for mobile handhelds

We've been building web sites for NetSuite users for over 10 years. We've learned what makes a great e-commerce site, and the needs of the site owners. Now that having a mobile presence is every bit as important as your desktop site the time has come for something totally new and different.

Introducing MWT Mobile bundle for NetSuite SuiteBuilder.

MWT Mobile by MVL Web Tech / MVL Design is a NetSuite web site feature addition. A single page is created in your NetSuite account and custom code is placed on your regular website that directs mobile handheld users to this new page. The single web page contains the NetSuite shopping experience specifically designed for touch interface.

And it's fast. Faster than many native shopping apps! Read more and watch the introductory video here.