MWT Mobile Bundle for NetSuite - Your website for mobile handhelds

In the ten years of building web sites for NetSuite SiteBuilder we've seen it's capabilities grow and understand its limitations when it comes to mobile. HTML based on tables and cells just won't conform to the size needs of a mobile handheld device like an iPhone. Now that having a mobile presence is every bit as important as your desktop site the time has come for something totally new and different. Four years ago we started to plan, code, test and finally...

Introducing MWT Mobile Bundle for NetSuite SuiteBuilder.

MWT Mobile by MVL Web Tech / MVL Design is a NetSuite web site feature addition. A single page is created in your NetSuite account and custom code is placed on your regular website that directs mobile handheld users to this new page.

This single web page contains the NetSuite shopping experience specifically designed for touch interface. It uses the exact same categories and items that are on your main NetSuite web site. This makes for automatic management - just like you'd get from a "responsive" website. But this is specifically created for touch-based handhelds and looks every bit like a native app.**

And it navigates fast. Faster than many native shopping apps!

Remember 10 years ago when everyone told you to get an e-commerce website. Aren't you glad you listened. Now they are saying (and recent stats are proving the point) that you need a mobile site. This is THE solution for NetSuite SiteBuilder users. Read more below, watch an introductory video, see other sites that use this bundle and give us a call. Don't wait.


The overview video you see above uses the iOS simulator with the MWT Mobile Bundle web page directly accessing a standard NetSuite test account. All the category & item lists, and the item detail records are loading directly from the NetSuite test account. Yes, it is that fast!

Though you can set a new category to be the handheld home page, like done here, you do not need to specifically manage the data seen in your handheld mobile site. The exact same categories and items that are on your normal site are used by the bundle.

The bundle will generates code that will work with any modern and many older handheld devices. From the iPod touch & iPhones, to handhelds that use Blackberry, Windows Mobile and the Android operating systems.

There are many more features of the MWT Mobile Bundle for NetSuite SiteBuilder than can be shown in a short video. Plus, the above video only shows one set of the many ways the bundle can be configured. See below for more. There is nothing like this anywhere, on any e-commerce platform, and it is available exclusively for NetSuite SiteBuilder users. After years of development ...AVAILABLE NOW!

How it works

When a handheld mobile user visits your website, special code sends them on to the mobile bundle page: /m/mobile.html. This happens automatically. If they were visiting an item detail page on your main website from a bookmark, link or advertising campaign that item is then directly displayed. Your categories can also optionally be set up to automatically redirect in the same way.

Category list, item list and the item detail views can be customized to display in a few different ways and to display optional content. For instance, the item detail page can show not only the detailed description but extra images (as a scrollable slideshow), your custom technical specifications, videos and related items. Matrix items are supported and are selected from a separate screen for ease of selection.

Various informational pages can be displayed, though we recommend that they be re-formatted just for the mobile site (use the featured description for the mobile content). We've even developed a really cool information item page to display all your videos on one page. Now that will make your mobile site stand out and be extremely useful.

A completely custom shopping cart has been developed just for touch-based use. An embedded version of NetSuite's latest Reference Checkout handles the checkout process. The bundle also includes a touch version of MWT My Orders, so you can display current and previous orders as well as tracking numbers & shipping info for your customer's orders.

You do not need to upgrade your NetSuite account or rip apart your desktop site so it works better for handhelds (or gets Google's passing grade). This is not an exact duplication of your current site.* None of your current site's layouts & templates or cart & checkout code are modified or utilized. Only the data from your categories and items of your current site are used. All content resides in your NetSuite account: nothing leaves the safety and security of NetSuite.

Included are two custom transaction body fields so you can gather order instructions from your users, and a checkbox that indicates the order is from the mobile bundle. These can be added to your Sales Order at your request. If you already have a custom TBF for instructions, if can be used as well as any other custom TBFs you want to use. You'll have to let us know. (See for a very custom set TBFs)

See it in action

The MWT Mobile Bundle for NetSuite SiteBuilder is currently being installed and in daily use by NetSuite SiteBuilder users. Using your handheld device, visit,, or and watch the magic begin. Purchase something from those sites and see how easy it would be for your mobile handhelds users. It's probably easier than your current main site!

Google Mobile Friendly

Recently, Google made a major update to its mobile search algorithm that changed the order in which websites are ranked when users search using their phone. The algorithm favors mobile-friendly websites, ranking them higher: websites that aren't mobile-friendly will get demoted. The MWT Mobile Bundle for NetSuite SiteBuilder will get you a passing grade on Google's mobile-friendly test. Try it out on their mobile testing site with one of the sites using the MWT Mobile Bundle.

Home screen icon

You can have a home screen icon just like a normal native iPhone or Android app. You only need to supply us with the icon (we'll provide instructions). When the browser's Share button is pressed, and your mobile site is added to the home screen, your icon is used and looks & behaves exactly like a regular app icon. Then, when the user clicks on your icon, your mobile app is loaded; but without the normal browsers top URL bar and lower share bar. This makes your mobile site that is generated by this bundle look, work and act in the same way as an expensive, native iPhone app. Try it with the sites above and see it in action.


Price for the MWT Mobile Bundle for NetSuite SiteBuilder is a one-time charge of $4000. This includes basic professional installation and customization to fit your site. There are no monthly charges or on-going fees. We ask $2000 up-front as deposit, with the rest due on going live.

Sign up now

Sign up now to get the MWT Mobile Bundle for NetSuite SiteBuilder installed on your NetSuite website. Depending upon your customization needs, it usually takes about a week to fully install and test before it's ready to be used.

What it doesn't do

This is not an exact duplication of your current site.* None of your current site's layouts and templates or cart and checkout code are used. If you have custom code for your shopping cart or checkout process it will not be copied over. It may be possible to include it, as I've added hooks to allow for custom code on every step of the process, but doing so is not included in standard installation and may have an additional fee. If it works in the standard version of NetSuite's Reference Checkout, it will work in the this bundle. Call with specifics and we can go over your needs.


For ten years we've been building websites exclusively for NetSuite users. We've poured every bit of the experience gained during that time and our hearts & souls into this bundle. You won't see anything like it anywhere, on any other e-commerce platform, for any price. Call now.

For the iPad

For your iPad users we have a different plan. We are recommend that the very desirable iPad users use your main website, and we adjust your site to be more "touch-friendly". We also will install Reference Checkout 2.04 onto your site. With this, you'll be all set.

On The Fence?

For a good understanding of the role of 'mobile' for your future, please see this insightful analysis by Ben Bajarin at Techpinions: My Thesis on the Mobile Internet If you think you do not need a mobile presence because so few of your current users come from mobile, that will change. Especially when you provide a first-class handheld experience with the MWT Mobile Bundle for SiteBuilder. Google has recently updated their site ranking algorithm to promote "mobile-friendly" sites for mobile searches and has recently announced that more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries, including the US and Japan. Now do you still think you don't need a mobile-friendly site? Give us a call and be mobile-friendly by the end of the week.


Contact MVL Design by calling at 302.304.8404. Click to call MVL Design at 302.304.8404 Email:



* If you have extremely customized the functionality of your templates, some of that functionality may not move over to this bundle. Call us to go over what will work.

** When designing the bundle I copied as much of the functionality of Apple's Apple Store native app I could with HTML so my solution would look more like a native app, instead of a mobile website.